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Hearing Haven provides Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Repairs in our North Dallas office.

Our #1 Goal is to Help You Hear Better for Life!

We have a powerful team at Hearing Haven composed of audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, hearing aid repair technicians, and other unique specialists, all equipped to enrich your life with the gift of sound.

Hearing Haven was born to serve everyone with hearing loss, we know how hearing loss can affect your life, your family and your work. Our founder Bob witnessed the painful effects of hearing loss first hand growing up with his dad’s hearing loss.

I’ll let Bob share the story in his own words… “I remember my father coming home very discouraged from work one day. This occurred over forty years ago, and was a defining moment in choosing my career.

My dad was upset. He had made several mistakes at work that day which he felt made him look stupid (he was actually quite intelligent). The mistakes he made were because of his hearing loss.

My father’s supervisor had asked him to perform a project in a certain way, and my dad misunderstood him. It wasn’t the first time. My Dad was embarrassed to ask his boss to repeat himself, and would assume he meant the obvious course of action. He often found himself in that predicament.

Maybe You’ve Experienced a Similar Situation?

Have you ever missed the punch line of a joke? Did you pretend you “got” it, and laughed anyway, or did you ask the person to repeat it, and hope you wouldn’t frustrate them? Seeing my father in situations like these is one of the primary factors that led me into the hearing health business.

My mission is to help you enjoy a better quality of life through improved hearing and make Hearing Haven’s services available to as many people as possible. At Hearing Haven we know that everyone has a different set of variables in their hearing and life circumstances, which is why we work with you one-on-one to ensure the best outcome possible for restoring your hearing!”

Hearing Loss Can Be Frustrating

If you or someone you love has the desire to hear better and communicate in a way that reduces stress, frustration and makes life joyful again, you can relax knowing that the entire team at Hearing Haven is committed to helping you Hear Better for Life!

Personal 1-on-1 Attention

Our highly skilled team will meet with you one-on-one, where you can share your thoughts, feeling and challenges regarding your hearing loss. Our specialty is caring for our customers and actively listening to you.

We will learn about you, your unique lifestyle and share solutions that will help you achieve better communications, making your life and relationships thrive again.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our modern facility is capable of repairing all brands, makes and models of hearing aids, whether they are two, ten or twenty years old, our hearing aid technicians can make the repairs you need to restore your hearing aid to its proper functionality.

Our Promise to You!

We will never pressure you to buy new hearing aids! Even if you have been told that your hearing aids cannot be repaired, bring them in to us and let’s see what we can do!

The hearing aids you use to enjoy the gift of sound is your choice, and we would love to bring new life back to your old hearing instruments or assist you if you want to hear what newer technology can do for your hearing and understanding.

In the odd case that your hearing aid just cannot be repaired we have several solutions for new hearing aids that will fit any lifestyle and any budget.

Our hearing aid repairs come with a 6 month repair warranty and include any needed replacement of the wiring, microphones, speaker, volume control, and more.

Hearing Haven is dedicated to providing people with the gift of hearing, whether that means through new hearing aids, or through our hearing aid repair service.

Call 888-412-3337 for more information or to set up an appointment.

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