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Receive New Hearing Aids Every 4 Years

The average time to replace hearing aids is every 3-5 years. Each time paying $5,000+! That often is simply not practical for thousands of people who are living with hearing loss every day.

My name is Bob Bare and I have been in the hearing aid industry for more than 25 years. I’ve seen people suffer isolation and depression because of their hearing loss – beginning with my father – and so many of them could not afford to do anything about it!

Seeing my father suffer with hearing loss has given me a mission to bring hearing back to the lives of as many people as possible. It started through our hearing aid repair service, and then through Medicaid hearing aid benefits.

But there were still thousands of people who made too much to receive Medicaid, yet they could not afford the high cost of hearing aids.

That is why I created the Better Hearing For Life program.

The Better Hearing For Life program restores your hearing and gives you peace of mind with your every hearing aid need covered.

Here are your benefits…

  • Never pay for a hearing aid repair again
  • Never pay for batteries again
  • Never pay for office visits
  • Never pay for programming adjustments
  • New hearing aids every 4 years

How would you like to never pay for a hearing aid repair again? Or never have to make a run to the pharmacy to pay for an overpriced pack of hearing aid batteries? Why would you when you can get it all as a member of the Better Hearing For Life program?

Then there are office visits and hearing aid adjustments… it’s all FREE for you.

And the core of this program is that you receive new hearing aids every 4 years!

Schedule a free hearing test today *Texas Residents Only*

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