Clayton Blakeney


My name is Clayton and I am an audiologist and work with our mobile testing units. I work in this business because I always wanted to help a childhood friend get her hearing back, but as a young child I didn’t know how. I became passionate about helping people with hearing loss while I was in college. A story I will never forget was when I was fitting hearing aids on an elderly woman in a nursing home who had been diagnosed with dementia, she was limited in her verbal abilities. As soon as I put her hearing aids in and turned them on her eyes opened wide and she said, “Oh I can hear! I can hear!”

TC Dominguez

Customer Service Manager

My name is TC and I am the customer service manager. I also handle Human Resources and some sales. I am a wife, mother of four, a grandmother of one, and we live in Dallas. My experience with working with the hearing impaired began in 1995 when I worked for a manufacture, but it wasn’t until I started working at Hearing Haven that I really felt passionate about helping people with a hearing loss. One of my favorite stories is from when I was in Houston helping to do deliveries to a Vietnamese couple. They couldn’t speak any English so we needed a translator. However, when the audiologist put the hearing aid on the wife, her eyes lit up and she was smiling from ear to ear. As we were leaving she turned around and said “Love you!”

Salim Amin

Repair lab manager

I am Salim and I am the hearing repair manager, I run the repair lab. I am a husband, father of three and have been with this company for more than ten years. I enjoy working in this business because I love to help the people hear again and make sure that they understand everything about their hearing aid. I have been with this company for many years, I’ve seen the company grow from where it was in the beginning to where it is now and I am proud to say we have expanded worldwide.

Marisa Rojas

Administrative Assistant

My name is Marisa and I handle all Medicaid submissions and provide insurance verification for our Carrollton and Houston offices, I also enjoy working closely with our outside IT provider to ensure out computers are running smoothly. I feel blessed knowing that what I do actually affect people’s physical and mental well being. I will never forget the first time I went out to a house call with one of our audiologist to deliver aids to a profoundly hearing impaired young mother. It was amazing to see her face light up when she first heard our voices, the expression on her face was indescribable.

Maggie Landeros

Shipping and Receiving Specialist

I am Maggie, I am the shipping/receiving admin. I am also a mother of two boys. I enjoy working in this type of business because I love seeing people’s faces light up when they hear for the first time. A story that I will always remember is when I was able to ship out a hearing aid to a customer just in time for his first grandchild to be born. He was able to enjoy that special moment.

Amanda Rojas

Client Services Specialist

I am Amanda, I am the receptionist. I’m probably the first person you talk to, I answer the phones and greet the clients that come in to our office. I enjoy this job because I am blessed with good hearing, so it feels good knowing the company I work with helps others hear well. One of my favorite stories is when our technician came out to give a client his hearing aids and the client was so grateful, hugging the technician and calling him his hero. Seeing the smile on each client’s face after they receive their hearing aid(s) is a wonderful feeling.

Trang Huynh

Repair Technician

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