Patient Story: “The Aids Never Worked!” He Said

I’ve always had hearing long as I can remember.  Hearing aids have been a part of my life.  I don’t know how I would have functioned without them.

Several years ago, my husband started showing signs of hearing loss.  Of course, that was the LAST thing he wouldHearing Haven_Patient Story FEB admit to!  The constant “What?”…”Huh?”…”What did he say?” was enough to drive anyone crazy.  After months of our children nagging him, he finally relented.  Off to the audiology clinic we go! Hearing Haven was precious.  They really know how to make you feel comfortable.  My husband was actually excited about getting hearing aids…IT’S A MIRACLE!

Well, the excitement was short-lived when after just 2 months he started complaining again.  Then the false claims like “Its never worked!” started… well, I had enough!  I knew they were good quality aids AND I knew Hearing Haven would help.

We were there with Bob Bare for under 20 minutes and he was crystal clear again.  Bob said that most aids (and their owners) need adjustments for the first several months until they are working at peak performance.

It’s been 6 months now and he hears better than my kids!

Coming from a person with hearing loss AND a family member of hearing aid users, trust me when I say this:

EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE!  Don’t wait…go see Bob and his staff at Hearing Haven.  They can get your aids in tip-top shape.  Hearing Haven even has an onsite repair lab in case there is something wrong with the aid.  Many times its just a simple cleaning and they are good as new.

Thank you Hearing Haven.  You guys feel like family to us – we appreciate you going above and beyond for us. 🙂

Rebecca, Irving Texas

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