Refer a Friend! Receive $50

We have the best patients and to say thank you for all of your great referrals…


Simply ask them to mention this coupon and your name when purchasing a new set of hearing aids.  We’ll send you $50!

With our affordable Hearing for Life programs, now is a great time to share YOUR experience and help them schedule their free hearing evaluation.  Just call (972) 394-4370 today!

Hearing Haven Audiology is trained to diagnose and treat hearing loss as well as find the right hearing aid to be fit your lifestyle.  Call us today for a free consultation and to hear about our affordable Hearing For Life programs!  We are here to walk you and your loved ones through this process. 

Call (972) 394-4370 to schedule your appointment.

Better Hearing for Life,

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Bob Bare, Founder
Hearing Haven

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