Resound’s Bluetooth Alera Hearing Aid – Get Ready To Experience True Wireless

Resound has just launched its new Alera hearing aid, and compared to other manufacturer’s like Phonak and Siemens, they’re up to a late start.

But has the wait been worth it? We think it has. Resound has done away with some of the core issues of wireless hearing aid technology. By switching to a 2.4GHz system, Resound has managed to take the time delay down to an imperceptible 20ms (1/50 of a second). In competing products the delay time of the wireless transmission is much higher, causing a distracting echo in situations such as listening to your television through the wireless mode.

Additionally, Resound’s Alera does not require the use of a body worn device for transmission to the hearing aid. For example, the Resound Alera’s Unite TV streamer plugs into your tv and streams the signal directly to your hearing aids from up to 23 feet away.

The Resound Unite Phone Clip is a little different story; although it is powerful enough to transmit from your pocket, it contains the mic, therefore requiring you to either clip it on like a lapel, or hold it in your hand like a cell phone. But that shouldn’t stop you from slipping it into your pocket and listening to your favorite album stored on your cell phone. Hello wireless earbuds.

If you’d like to see the difference Resound Alera can make for you, come visit one of our locations in North Dallas, Texas or Houston, Texas. And make sure to mention the coupon code “Alera-Blog” for a free Resound Alera hearing aid trial and hearing test.

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